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TelexTester API

TelexTester has become a worldwide standard for Testkey calculations, therefore application developers require to access the TelexTester calculation system.

To this end LHA has provided various Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

There are two categories of API.

  • Sharing files
  • Sharing memory

Sharing Files

When using the shared file APIs TelexTester is normally left running continuously in API mode.

TelexTester will periodically check a folder (normally on a shared drive) for input files.

When available, the input files will be collected, read and processed.

There are various formats available for the input file, all are standard ASCII.

Input file example

:30 =970101
:32 =USD 12345
:15 =
:PW =*

In this example, the correspondent code, date, currency and amount information is passed.

The output from TelexTester can be placed in the same or different folder depending on the results.

Output file example

:30 =970101
:32 =USD 12345
:15 =123/456789
:RES=249: Testkey Encoded

The example shows the output of a calculated Testkey.

File based API21

Processes an input file which can contain multiple messages. Messages can be Tested or not tested

Documentation for API21 is included in the TelexTester manual, click here for Manual.

Click here for further information on API21

File based API40

Similar to API21 but also provides functions to interface a GUI application.

Click here for Documentation on API40.

Click here for further information on API40

Sharing Memory

Shared memory APIs include a 32 bit DLL based API.

A single entry point in this library provides various functions.

Shared buffers are then used to pass the Testkey information between the programs, the format is similar to that used by the File APIs.

Click here for information on API 60, 32 bit DLL API

Click here for information on API 7, Simple memory based API

Documentation for API60 is available here.

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