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TagITTM Overview
This intelligent PC based asset tracking package provides loss prevention managers and security directors with a cost effective and discreet approach to improve asset management.

The TagITTM system is designed to provide organisations of any size with a means of monitoring either continuously, periodically or when moving, the location of Assets.

Assets being any object or person to which an electronic tag can be attached or any computer attached to the same Network as the TagIT system.

The system monitors information from external hardware normally in the form of messages from electronic tags.

Tags transmit identification information by radio or other means to 'Reader equipment' located either at entrance portals for access control and tracking or in other positions for continuous monitoring.

The role of the TagIT system can be either Monitoring or Monitoring with Alarms. For monitoring, all Personnel and Asset movements are recorded. If alarms are used, these can be of various types.

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