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Forms Design and Message Entry with Testkey Integration
This is a Forms Design, Data Entry and Transmission system integrated with Testkey facilities. It is designed for distribution by a controlling institution to correspondents of that institution.

In the documentation we refer to these as:

  • The Head Office
  • The Clients

The Head Office will design Forms and Testkey algorithms which are then issued to the Clients.

The Clients will use the software and forms provided by the Head Office to issue instructions to the Head Office. These instructions can be communicated by email, fax etc.

The Testkey element and/or Digital signature validation messages.

The use of Testkeys also provides checking for missing and duplicate instructions.

Dual user control is available selectively on forms. Forms can be single or multiple pages.

The Testkey algorithms are optionally selected on forms. Other than the Fixed number component, these algorithms are never seen by the Clients.

When using EMail, a Triple DES encrypted Digital Signature can be appended to the message. This Signature guarantees the identity of the Sender and validity of the message content.

You may need a User id and password to access the following files.

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