Release notes, Version 6.3.9e to V6.4.0






LHA TelexTester
33a Claremont Road
Surrey, KT6 4RL



(44) 20 8390 4200


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Copyright reserved 1986, 1987 - 2004 LHA

Version 6.4.0

Documentation date 8th January 2004

1. General

Last user to access the system is displayed together with the Date and Time on the Sign on screen.

2. Missing Variables Notifications

2.1. New Codes

New fields available on template:

Telex number, use code <TLX>

Answer Back, use code <ANS>

3. Correspondents Report

3.1. Use Tables

New field available in custom reports 'USE TABLES', this will include any 'Used Table' in the report.

3.2. Export Format

Date: 2002/11/11

Additional tables supported by the EXPORT3 format.

Day of Month
Month of Year


Version 639v adds Day of Week table.

3.3. Correspondent Range

Date: 2002/9/3

If Correspondent Shortcode in the Range is terminated with a '.' the 'Wild card' option is supressed so that only the specific correspondent is included in the report.

This allows API60 and other users to select a single correspondent for the report.

4. Table Print

Changes to the messages displayed if tables are not available because of access restrictions.

See System Parameters, Control of Tables.

5. Historical report

Changes made to 'Out of Service' flag will be entered in the History report as code 'CSF'.

6. Log

6.1. Correspondent Maintenance

Out of Service

Changes to the 'Out of Service' flag are now recorded in the log.


Date: 2002/9/3

Add Log entry during correspondent maintenance if abandon is requested.

No Changes

Date: 2002/9/3

Add Log entry during correspondent maintenance if no changes made.

6.2. System Parameters

Details of changes made in System Parameters are recorded in the log. The following entries may be made:


Log Entry

Changed Option

Bank Name

Bank name

Supress vars reports

Suppress print of variables on reports

Supress vars grid

Suppress display of sequence variables on grid

Write log to printer

Write continuous log, to printer

Write log to file

Write continuous log, to disk

Timeout Period

Keyboard timeout in seconds

Next Incoming Msg No

Message serial number, incoming

Next Outgoing Msg No

Message serial number, outgoing

Size of message history

Number of messages kept in history files

Alarms on Test Fail

Number of alarms on decode failures...

Use Default cparty

Use 'F5' as default correspondent

Date system run

Current testkey date

Date SOD Run

Daily reports were done on

Date house keeping run

House-keeping has been done for

Print to disk file

Redirect printer to disk

Columns per label

Start column for Form

Use swipe card

Use swipe card validation during sign on

Run diary at sign on

Run Diary after sign on

Api Parm 1

API parameters

Api Parm 2

API parameters

API Type

API System

Trim log during sod

Entries to save in log file following daily report


Include Missing Variables in Daily Reports


Include Next expected Variables in Daily Reports

Show TK at Decode

Display correct result during decode

2nd super for Cparty

2nd supervisor required for table maintenance

Lines per Page

Printer lines per page

Startup Path

Drive and program name for startup

Startup Option

Startup security level

Labels delimiter

Testkey delimiter

Del user signon fail

Disable User if passwords invalid

Verify Option

Print/display Test results only at Encode verify

Max days pwd changes

Days between forced password changes

Testkey on log

Print Testkey on log

Pfx to encode rem

Fixed prefix to remarks field.Encode

Pfx to decode rem

Fixed prefix to remarks field.Decode

Maintain history file

Maintain historical record file

Allow op change pwd

Allow Operators to change their password

Print Msg at EOD

Include Messages Report in Daily Reports

Default VerifyPrompt

Default option when verifying message

Same user to verify

Allow same user to verify message

Print result at verify

Print results of verify

Remote Audit

Disable remote audit option

2nd super for Grid

2nd supervisor required for grid maintenance

Print log at EOD

Include Log Print in Daily Reports

Run EOD Auto

Run Daily reports automatically

EOD Prompt

Prompt before automatically running reports

Print Coding Result

Print coding result

Printer for Reports

Print device for reports

Remove lead zeroes

Suppress leading zeroes in api results

Print routing Encode

Print Outgoing

Lines per label

Lines per Form

Print all nexvars EOD

Print ALL next expected variables

Show Encode Immediate

Print/display Test results only at Encode verify

Days to keep Telex

Default number days (forms) messages retained

Max journal size

Journalise maximum size

Currency Codes

Currency codes returned

Correspondent Codes

Correspondents returned

Print routing Decode

Print Incoming

Date format

U.S.A. Date Format

Print Sequence Log

Print Sequence number variable on log

Duplicate Handler

Possible Duplicates

Validate Remarks En

Validate analysis code in remarks field.Encode

Validate Remarks De

Validate analysis code in remarks field.Decode


Journalise (Y/N)

Journal Drive

Journal Drive letter

System name

System Name

Next API Report slot

Next record to be used in api report file

Secure option

Allow 'SECURE' option without audit passwords

Label Printer

Print to second printer

API Parm 3

API parameters

API Parm 4

API parameters

API Parm 5

API parameters

API Report file

Maintain API report file

Length passwords

Minimum length of user's passwords

Use Count

Use Count

System Type

System Type

Verify API Tests

Make tests through API status verified

Print at Transmit

Print during message transmission

Print at Receipt

Print during message receipt


Multi User

Password Reuse

Remember old pwds

Label Format

Format (1-4)

Allow Backup

Allow backout of testkey calculations

Sequence/Date Access

Stop access to both SeqVars and Date/Ccy/Amt Vars

Previous Date Option

Prevent Outgoing Tests on Previous dates

Strict Password

Strict Passwords

Log Coding to file

Save Form in File


6.3. Viewer

When using the Log viewer, an additional filtering option is available 'F9' key will limit displayed items to specific Audit types.

6.4. User Maintenance

No Changes

Date: 2002/9/3

Add Log entry during User maintenance if no changes made.

7. System Parameters

7.1. Control of Tables

Date: 2002/5/1

The option limiting access to specific tables has been changed. This option controls access/visibility during Correspondent Maintenance, Grid Display, Correspondent Reports, Variable Reports, Table Prints.

Now the prompt is:

Limit access to SeqVars and Date/Ccy/Amt (Y/N/2)

The three options operate as follows, options 'Y' and 'N' have not changed.

Option 'N'. All tables will be available unless restricted by another setting, for example the User Profile option 'Disp/Change seq/pfx vars' must be set to 'Y' to allow Sequence and Prefix variables to be accessed.

Option 'Y'. Access will be controlled by the User Profile option 'Disp/Change seq/pfx vars'. If this is set to 'N' then only Date, Ccy, Amount, tables will be available. If set to 'Y' then only Sequence and Prefix variables will be available.

Option '2'. Access will be controlled by the User Profile option 'Disp/Change seq/pfx vars'. If this is set to 'N' then Date, Amount and Prefix variables will be available. If set to 'Y' then Currency and Sequence variables will be available.

8. APIs

8.1. API 60

Additional call interface

Date: 2002/5/1

Additional DLL is now provided (TTDLL.DLL) with the 32 bit version of Telextester.

Provides a call interface using stdcall parameter order. The function is named lhaapidll and is declared as:


function lhaapidll (pOption : Integer ; pAPI, pError : pchar): Integer; stdcall;


The function returns a copy of the parameter pOption.

Function parameters are as defined in the document API60.doc.

8.2. API 8

Date: 2002/10/24

Added 30 second timeout to keyboard interrupt in case it is touched accidentally.

Added deletion of input / output files (tkinput/tkoutput) if API parm 5 is set to '1' and output file is older than five minutes.


Version 639w changes the API parm 5 option to either 1 or 3.

8.3. General

Version 639w.

API Parm 5, new option. By setting bit 1 of this parameter the CHR error will not be returnedif CHR field is set to '\'.

9. Correspondent Maintenance

9.1. Amounts Table Type 1

Date: 2002/9/3

New option 'F8 Generate' to generate random variables.

9.2. Currencies Table

Date: 2002/9/3

New option 'F8 Generate' to generate random variables.

9.3. Specialist Key RA5

Date: 2003/2/3

The RA5 key will divide the amount total by 2 'digit 4' times.


eg. RA51 will divide once.


This key may require that 'Significant decimals' is enabled in correspondent maintenance.

Additional inclusions can be made using branch code or added to the client authentication code.

10. Installation

10.1. Currency Table

Date: 2002/9/4

Replace default currency XEU with EUR.

11. Message Entry

Date: 2002/11/11

A new list option is available during encode / decode. Press the F9 key when prompted for the correspondent code and a list of correspondents with locations is displayed.

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